Also drawing Stewart Copeland to his old haunts in London was a PR blitz for Gizmodrome, his new band with Adrian Belew, Mark King and Vittorio Cosma. Signed by Hamburg based Ear-Music’s Max Vaccaro the band’s eponymous first album will be released September 15th, 2017. Recorded over the past year and a half in Milan, Italy by Claudio Dentes and mixed and produced in Milan and Los Angeles by Claudio Dentes and Stewart Copeland, the band’s music is best described by Ear Music as Progressive Punk. With distinctive playing by all four musicians, and a return to the vocal spotlight for Stewart alongside Mark King and Adrian Belew, the album is a heady brew of virtuoso musicianship, surprising melodies, witty lyrics and blistering rhythms. For your enjoyment please watch and listen to a rough mix of ‘Amaka Pipa’ on YouTube