It’s September 2012 and Claudio Faeh is deeply immersed in preparing his next motion picture projects. He is working on a draft of Leaving Sarajevo for producers Anne Walser of C-Films in Zurich and Helge Sasse of Senator Films in Berlin, with writing partner Zoran Stevanovic. This is the second of three projects in active preparation for Claudio, including a Viking saga set in the early tenth century. Produced by Swiss distribution powerhouse Ascot-Elite’s Ralph Dietrich and Daniel Höltschi, the film will shoot in Scotland and Eastern Europe. Simultaneous with this writing and directing activity, Claudio has been assisting Crazy Horse Effects on a multiplicity of CHE projects, including Ruben Fleischer’s Gangster Squad, and Martin Scorsese’s Boardwalk Empire. Sniper: Reloaded, in January 2011. Filmed in and around Johannesburg, South Africa, and produced for Film Afrika and Germany’s Apollo Media, the film was released worldwide in March 2011 by Sony’s Stage 6 Films. With Billy Zane, Richard Sammel (Inglourious Basterds), Annabel Wright, and Chad Michael Collins, Sniper: Reloaded – both produced and directed by Fäh – is a taut return to the set-up created in Luis Lhosa’s original Sniper.

Primarily a director, Claudio handled the extreme demands of both the 3D FX and Producer duties on legendary horror and suspense director Joe Dante’s The Hole 3D. The film, which starred Chris Massoglia, Haley Bennett, Nathan Gamble, Teri Polo and Bruce Dern, was an official selection of the Toronto International Film Festival and was awarded the “3D Award” for best feature film of the year at the International Film Festival Venice.

Fäh acted as Executive Producer on Starship Troopers 3: Marauder, which was written and directed by Ed Neumeier, helmer of the original Starship Troopers. Marauder is the second collaboration between Claudio and Paul Verhoeven, the first being Hollow Man 2, Claudio’s first directorial assignment for Sony Pictures/Screen Gems. Starring Christian Slater, Peter Facinelli (Twilight), and Laura Regan, the movie premiered to outstanding sales and was nominated for a Saturn Award.

Claudio directed the award-winning original web series Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side, a scripted online companion series to CBS’s Ghost Whisperer. Other Side was the winner of the TV Guide Online Award for “Best Online TV Drama” and CBS quickly followed up with a second season, also directed by Claudio Fäh.

Claudio’s feature film debut was as the director and co-writer of 2003’s Coronado, a tour de force of humorous action and well-rendered special effects. The film, which starred John Rhys-Davies and was produced on a shoestring budget, sold successfully to 35 countries.

Prior to his feature film work, Claudio wrote and directed several short films for which he received numerous international awards, including The Fast Video Competition’s “Young Spielberg Award”, the JVC Tokyo FIlm Festival’s “Gold Medal”, Film Fest Geneva’s “Prix des Industries Techniques”, and the “Filmfluss Award” in Zurich. Claudio is also a three-time winner of the “Finalist Award” at Worldfest Houston.

In addition to film and television, Claudio has directed award-winning commercials in his native Europe and was the winner of the 2009 Swiss Advertising “Edi” for Best Director and a silver medalist at the New York Festivals in 2008.


NORTHMEN: A VIKING SAGA (Director) (2012)
Elite Filmproduktion
Stars: TBA
Writer: Matthias Bauer, Bastian Zach
Producers: Ralph S. Dietrich, Daniel Hoeltschi

SNIPER: RELOADED (Director) (2011)
Stage 6 Films, ApolloMovie Beteiligungs, Film Afrika Worldwide
Stars: Billy Zane, Clyde Berning, Chad Michael Collins, Hlomla Dandala
Writer: John Fasano
Executive Producers: J.S. Cardone, Derek Power

OLD MCDONALD (Director) (2011)
Sunrise Films, Baldwin Entertainment Group

HOLLOW MAN II (Director) (2006)
Destination films, Red Wagon Entertainment, Frontera Productions
Stars: Christian Slater, Peter Facinelli, Laura Regan
Director: Claudio Fäh
Writer: Joel Soisson
Executive Producers: Lucy Fisher, Rachel Shane, Douglas Wick

CORONADO (Director) (2003)
Arms GmbH, Coronado Motion Picture LLC, Uncharted Territory,
Stars: Kristin Dattilo, Clayton Rohner, Michael Lowry
Writers: Volker Engel, Marc Weigert, Claudio Fäh
Producers: Volker Engel, Marc Weigert

HIT THE HIGHWAY, HONEY (Short Film) (Director) (1998)
Stars: Jeff Severson, Octavio Solorio, Stacey Tisdall
Writer: Lilith D. Berdischewsky, Claudio Fäh
Producers: Lilith D. Berdischewsky, Claudio Fäh

STRANDSONNTAG (Short Film) (Director/Writer/Producer) (1997)
Stars: Werner Biermeier, Rachel Peggs, Matteo Schenardi

KILOMETER 11 (Short Film) (Director/Writer) (1996)
Stars: Kathrin Haeni, Irmgard Voiret, Horst Warning
Producers: Claudio Fäh, Roman Schoen

THE HOLE (Producer) (2009)
Bold Films, BenderSpink
Stars: Chris Massoglia, Haley Bennett, Nathan Gamble
Director: Joe Dante
Writer: Mark L. Smith
Producers: Chris Bender, J.C. Spink, Gary Michael Walters

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, ApolloMovie Beteiligungs, Bold Films
Stars: Casper Van Dien, Jolene Blalock, Stephen Hogan
Director: Edward Neumeier
Writer: Edward Neumeier
Producers: Claudio Fäh, Stephen Kemper


GHOST WHISPERER: THE OTHER SIDE (Web, 16 Episodes) (Director) (2007-2008)
CBS Television
Stars: Mark Hapka, Mark Lutz, Mark Gagliardi
Writer: Ann Shrake
Executive Producers: Kim Moses, Ian Sander, Nichelle M. Protho