Director:Claudio FAEH
Writers:Claudio FAEH, Zoran STEVANOVIC
Producers:Claudio FAEH, Anne WALSER (C-Films), Helge SASSE (Senator Filmproduktion), Jasmila ZBANIC (DEBLOKADA), Damir IBRAHIMOVIC (DEBLOKADA)

Executive Producers:Derek POWER, Angelika SCHOULER, John ZARITSKY


LEAVING SARAJEVO is based on the true love story of Admira Ismic and Bosko Brkic, a young couple who tragically died in the Balkan war in 1993. She was a Bosnian Muslim. He was a Serb.

We meet Admira and Bosko as they fall in love in a city once a beacon of multi-ethnic tolerance. When war breaks out and Sarajevo falls under siege, their love is tested to the utmost. After great hardship and a fierce daily struggle to survive, they are forced to try to escape the besieged city. Three quarters of the way across a bridge in no man’s land, they are shot down by a sniper to die in each other’s arms. Two young people embracing, a Muslim and a Serb, killed while trying to escape the madness of war.

This tragic love story made worldwide headlines. The couple became known as the ‘Romeo and Juliet of Sarajevo’. To this day, people from all over the world visit their grave in Sarajevo, inspired and touched by their story of love in a time of war.

This story has been covered by media all over the world including an award-winning PBS frontline documentary in 1994. Most recently The LondonTimes, CNN, PBS and Die Zeit and numerous others covered the 20 year anniversary of the beginning of the war.