Born into a musical family in New York, it seems only natural that Peter Golub would take to the arts. At just six years old, he began playing the piano. In high school, he developed a passion for theatre, forming a troupe with a classmates and directing and acting in adventurous plays. Peter has successfully parlayed this love of music and theatre into a career in dramatic music — one that has spanned the worlds of film, theatre, and concert music.

As an undergraduate at Bennington College, he studied composition with Henry Brant, a master orchestrator and pioneer of spatial music in the tradition of Charles Ives. In addition to his huge catalogue of works, Brant orchestrated film scores by Alex North, including A Streetcar Named Desire and Cleopatra. Golub’s piano studies with Lionel Nowak led him to traditional repertoire as well as twentieth century works. While continuing his studies to earn a Doctorate at the Yale School of Music, he studied composition with Toru Takemitsu and Jacob Druckman. His work and friendship with Takemitsu, who in addition to his concert works was the composer of a large body of film work, was pivotal in his development and continues to be an inspiration.

After Yale, Golub composed numerous scores and, in the process, worked with some of the giants of the downtown New York theatre scene. As a member of Joseph Chaikin’s Winter Project, he collaborated on several productions at La Mama. He also began a ten-year creative partnership with Charles Ludlam, becoming composer-in-residence at Ludlam’s legendary Ridiculous Theatrical Company and writing scores for such works as The Mystery of Irma Vep, Galas, Salammbo, and The Artificial Jungle. He and Ludlam wrote the dramatic Production of Mysteries, which was performed by Lukas Foss and the Brooklyn Philharmonic. He also worked on numerous shows with Joseph Papp at the New York Shakespeare Festival, including Shakespeare in the Park productions of Twelfth Night and Othello. His ongoing collaboration with writer and director Moises Kaufman includes scores for Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde and The Laramie Project. He is a member of Kaufman’s Tectonic Theater Project and also worked with the noted performance artist Ethyl Eichelberger, composing and performing in Ariadne Obnoxious at the Joyce Theater.

Golub’s recent concert works include the 22 minute orchestral work in four movements ‘Sisyphus Rocks’ with a text by Gary Goldman, narrated by Norman Lear for the 2010 New Roads Concert series; ‘Dark Carols for Chorus and Orchestra’ (with text by Philip Littell, recorded on the ECM label); ‘Threaded Dances’ for flute and piano; ‘Three Interludes for guitar’ (recorded on Gasparao Records by Robert Phelps); ‘As Birds Do, Mother’ for ‘cello and oud; Trio for viola, bass and piano; and ‘A Schubert Journey’ for cello and marimba. His music has been performed by Tashi, The Brooklyn Philharmonic, The Jubal Trio, and numerous chamber groups and soloists. He has composed four ballet scores in collaboration with noted choreographer Peter Anastos: The Lost World, commissioned by Edward Villella for the Miami City Ballet; The Gilded Bat (story and designs by Edward Gorey, for Ballet West; performed at the Kennedy Center); Trianon (for the Atlanta Ballet); and Straight Through the Heart (for the Milwaukee Ballet). (see complete catalogue of works under “Concert”).

Peter Golub taught composition at Bennington College and Reed College. Since 1998 he has been the Director of the Sundance Film Music Program, where he runs the yearly Composers Lab, an intensive workshop for aspiring film composers. He was awarded the Classic Contribution Award by BMI and a 2008 Vision Award. He is also the recipient of a Charles Ives Scholarship (given by the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters) as well as grants from the National Endowment of the Arts (Opera/Musical Theater Program), Meet-the-Composer, and New York Foundation for the Arts. He serves on the Board of the American Music Center.

– Hedda Gabler Dir. Nicholas Martin, with Kate Burton; Broadway
– Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde Written and directed by Moises Kaufman, Mark Taper Forum and the Huntington Theatre
– Dinner with Friends By David Marguiles; Dir. Leonard Foglia The Old Globe, San Diego
– Camino Real By Tennessee Williams; Dir. Nicholas Martin; With Ethan Hawke, Hope Davis. Williamstown Theatre Festival
– Betty’s Summer Vacation By Christopher Durang. Playwrights Horizon, NY.
– Trianon The Atlanta Ballet, choreography by Peter Anastos. (based on music by Rameau).
– The Lost World Commissioned by the Miami City Ballet, Edward Villella, Artistic Director
– The Gilded Bat Story and designs by Edward Gorey.
– Straight Throught the Heart Milwaukee Ballet (based on music by Jerome Kern).


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<b>Award:</b> Avignon Film Festival UCMF Award Winner

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