Iva Babić’s latest role, starring as the female lead in The Machine, highlights her comedic talents. Legendary Pictures’ The Machine opens Memorial Day weekend, 2023, via Sony Pictures Releasing. Directed by Peter Atencio (Key & Peele), it tells the probably apocryphal but extraordinary story of stand-up comedian Bert Kreischer and his brush with the Russian Mafia as a 21-year-old student on a semester abroad in Moscow. The Machine features Star Wars alum Mark Hamill as Kreischer’s father. Filmed in English, it was shot in Serbia. (See trailer.)

Born in the town of Virovitica in Croatia, Iva has appeared in both English-language as well as other projects in several other languages. Her recent English-language projects include Alan Ball’s Virtuoso for HBO (2015), and The Romanoffs, Matthew Weiner’s Amazon series (2018).

Iva studied at the Academy of Arts and Drama in Zagreb. Director Branko Schmidt cast her in his films Metastases (2009) and Vegetarian Cannibal (2010). Her breakthrough, however, came with Predrag Ličina’s series Sunday Mornings, Saturday Nights (2012), for which she was widely praised. Her burgeoning acting skills were next put to the test in the Croatian version of the renowned US/Israeli TV series In Treatment (2013), for which she won Best Actress in a TV film. Her first major role as a lead in a theatrical film came in 2014 with the suspense drama One Shot, playing a young woman who kills an innocent passer-by in an accidental shooting accident.