A Proposal For a 12 Part Television Series

Producers: Jean-Pierre Dutilleux and Alexandre Bouchet/Yemaya, Paris
Executive Producer: Derek Power, Los Angeles and London

“Tribes are like stars in the sky, identical from a distance but up close,
all are different, unique strands in the extraordinary tapestry that forms humanity.”

Jean-Pierre Dutilleux

Prepare to encounter twelve tribes, from headhunters and cannibals to gentle fishing people and hunter gatherers all intimately known to world renowned ethnographer, photographer and Oscar-nominated filmmaker Jean-Pierre Dutilleux.

Decades in the field have taken Dutilleux beyond the role of ethnographer to conscience awakener. His friendship with The First People – the tribal world on five continents – can be summed up in this singular truth: In order to sustain a relationship or indeed this planet, you must revere it. And in order to love anything well you must know it intimately. And so we must listen to the First People.